Sampler Pack

If you have ever wanted to try some oof my products before committing to an entire jar, bottle, tub or bag; this is the pack for you.

You will recieve:

  • 60 ml - Equi-Soothe ICe GEl
  • 60 ml Salve- Ation
  • 30 ml Calendula Eye Wash
  •  10 ml U-Bute
  • Insructions for all products


Equi-Soothe Ice Gel is a product where a little goes a long way. The perfect amount to soothe legs and see a difference, after a hard work session. 

I would suggest using it on one or two legs, so you can notice its actions against the untreated legs.


Salve-Ation is another product where a little goes a long way!

60 mls is a solid amount for multiple scrapes, cuts or wonds/

This is one of my hghest selling products. 

Once you use it; you will know why in a coule of days.


Calendula and Golden Seal Eye Wash is cooling, soothing and highly anti-bacterial and anti-biotic.

Great for conjunctivitis, dryness, grittiness and foreign bodies. I have also uses it on myself and my dogs.

U-Bute is slightly over 1 dose (8ml for 500kg horse).

You will get to see how effective it is.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relief in one product.

Long term use of U-Bute will not contribute to ut ulceration.


All products are all natural, herbal and contain no parabens, silicones or synthetic substances.

They are safe, effective and affordable.

Gift yourself or someone else this awesome array of products.


$36.00 including postage to anywhere in Australia.

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