Equiherbal Conditioning and Performance Mix

One of the major feedbacks I get about Equiherbal is that people say their horse's hooves and hair/coat have never looked so good.
Some of the ingredients like French White Millet contain the highest plant form of silica which is great for bone building and repair.

A marine source calcium which acts as a pH buffer in the gut. 

Its slow release and soothes and helps repair the gut lining, which is great for horses that are in recovery from the illness which can be stressful.
It contains high potency Vitamin C in the form of Rosehips which work on cellular repair. 
Vitamin C helps to distribute oxygen at a cellular level which helps with freer movement.

It has Himalayan pink salt which has more than 80 trace minerals for electrolyte balance and fluid and kidney balance.

It contains copper, Vitamin E, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, Folate, Chromium, Biotin. (Biotin helps convert food to energy as well as activating metabolism of amino acids and proteins that promote hair, hoof and coat growth and condition.

Equiherbal also contains Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio of 3-1, a plant-based protein that promotes the manufacture of amino acids for 
muscle building and condition.
It also contains antioxidants that assist in blood cleansing.
There is also significant B group Vitamins which help to support the nervous system.

Another feedback is horses are much calmer. 

These are not just powdered additives, but the minerals and vitamins come from an actual food source. 
I'm also a human nutritionist and we believe that nutrients are always better to come from food sources rather than external additions via powdered substances.

This also ensures the quality, provenance, and efficacy of the products.
Equiherbal is APVMA approved and also audited by FIAAA

Equiherbal is $129.40a bucket including GST. and postage in Australia

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