Enhancing your horse’s health naturally with herbal medicine, natural feeding and supplementation.

Consultations consist of a Holistic Health Assessment that takes between 45- 60 minutes.

All aspects of the horses’ life are assessed and examined, and a treatment plan is based on the needs of the horse and owner/manager.

 Consultations begin at $100 plus GST.

Medicine, supplementation and other inclusions are an additional cost.

It is vital that all aspects of the horse are considered before a treatment plan is agreed upon. 

Experience has taught me that prevention is always better than cure - Helping your horse to be in outstanding health so the likelihood of illness is greatly reduced and performance increased. However, I understand this is not always an option and am well-versed in diagnosis and management of even the longest running issues.  
For the optimum assessment and experience a one-on-one individual consultation with you and your horse, which includes a holistic health assessment, offers the most value. 

I would like to stress that I am not at all against veterinary treatment.
It would be foolish to say that herbal treatment is the only way to natural health but the two can work beautifully together.

Herbal medicine can do so much in correcting health issues in a natural non-invasive way, addressing the root cause of illness or issues not just treating the symptoms.

In fact, preventative medicine and feeding sets up the horse’s immune system to be more robust and able to tackle anything it may pick up.

Assessments can include, but are not limited to:
• Natural Feed Diet Designs
• Performance Issues
• Behavioural Problems
• Faecal Egg Counting
What is a Natural Feed Diet Designs?
Natural Feeding and diet design tailored specifically to your horse's needs. Including detoxify and supplement with natural, organic and wildcrafted herbs wherever possible.
Our Values 
• Integrity – my word is my bond
• The best possible treatment for the welfare of horses
• Respect for the individual client and horse
• Passion is at the heart of what I do, always looking to the future to assist in horse health care naturally
• Integrity- Honesty in communication and treatment.
• Innovation – Always looking for the best possible resources to assist in equine health and well being.
• Involvement in client satisfaction and horse welfare