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A small selection of testimonials from some of our clients.

Equinecare Probiotic

We had 2 that looked this bad, wouldn't let us treat it, just want to kick us.

We where trialing this product in another horse with a fungal infection. Worked well and have a far happier horse, thought why not try on the other 2, within a few days a noticeable improvement, within the week looked amazing, with hair growth.

Highly recommend produce and Mickie's advice.

River Ridge Equestrian Park, Bonnie Martin.

Linda Martin


Thanks to Mickie's amazing supplements and making them just right for your horse you get amazing results.
One year ago this horse would not go over a pole or in a circle now look at him.

Charlotte Whyld


I had tried everything for my poor horse and nothing worked! I had tried all the professionals I could think of. Then I found Mickie Magan. She had my horse looking and feeling amazing within less than a week. Wish I had known this earlier!

Her professional, caring, highly knowledgeable approach impressed me beyond my expectations. She had my horse that was head thrashing, literally eating out of her hands. She is dedicated and should be well recognised for the work she does.

I have used her again for other issues with my Horses and I am truly thankful for her expertise and the amazing results my horses get from her treatment.

You would be crazy not to give her a go! I have and will not only continue to use her service but will spread the word!

Thank you Mickie for everything!
You are a gem and 5 stars are not enough

Alison Gold


5*I was a skeptic! But thanks to Mickie Magan who took the time to explain the logic behind a herbal approach, I now realise and see in my horses the benefits!

In a time where I had exhausted all other avenues to try and help my horse with hind gut ulcers, Mickie was able to give him relief from pain and aid in his weight gain.

Since then I have applied her approach and products successfully on my other horses. 

I cannot recommend her assistance and products enough!!!

Thanks again Mickie

Narelle Telling


I contacted Mickie about 4-5 months ago on my final straws with my ex-racehorse. As much as he is my pride and joy he was just never a happy camper. But, after Mickie’s treatment of herbal medicine and a continued supply of Equi-Herbal I really do have a different horse. Within a month his work ethic changed, he was happier under saddle and more willing to work, his coat was shining and his condition was peaking, dapples all over and a beautiful oil in his coat (and all 100% natural 😍). I cannot thank Mickie enough for giving Bear’s health that extra push in the right direction. I am so excited for this show season with my boy and with Mickie’s support I know I have a healthy horse on the inside to take out. (Photo 1: 1 month after Equi Herbal and medicine, Photo 2: 4 weeks between no treatment and herbal treatment)

Emma Cox


I was told by 2 vets to put my horse Diesel to sleep. He had been suffering recurring bouts of spasmodic colic and peritonitis. I was terrified to feed him in case he went down with the colic. We thought he was going to die several times. I had just about given up hope when I contacted Mickie. She treated Diesel with a probiotic and a specific herbal prescription for Diesel and his exact symptoms. He stared to improve almost immediately, his appetite returned and he was able to actually take up the nutrients in his food. He started to put on weight and he became interested in his surroundings again. He is on her supplement that has been life changing! We are now after 3 months able to ride him. We thought we would lose him altogether. I cannot recommend Mickie and her services highly enough. She is dedicated and extremely committed to the health of the horse above all else. Her integrity and commitment is truly amazing! You will not regret making that call.

Katherine S.


What a difference! I can’t recommend Mickie Magan and her expertise enough! My senior horse was suffering from low energy and a general lack of “looking healthy”, despite being happy at home, well fed and well looked after. Mickie came to do a full health assessment and I was thoroughly impressed by her professionalism but also her sense that even though he was my horse, she cared just as much as I did about getting him healthy. 

Her supplements have given my 26 year old TB the most beautiful coat, healthy gut and the spring in his step that I was after. She was able to come up with a supplement plan that complemented his existing feed routine, which was an added bonus as I didn’t want to have to change his whole routine if it was already a good foundation. 

Thank you so much Mickie!

Jill Gibbs


I’m thrilled to use Mickie Magan Equine Herbalist’s tailored supplements for my gorgeous Friesian Warmblood, Neo. He has never been in better health since he began on them. He is a very forward moving horse under saddle since he has been on his custom mix and his training has been going ahead in leaps and bounds. His coat glows with health, his feet are very strong and he is a very happy, settled boy. I cannot recommend Mickie highly enough. I used a very good vitamin and mineral pellet prior to my first consultation with Mickie, so Neo has always been fed very well. This is a step further, and I will never go back.

Lesley Saxton


I asked Mickie to assess my foal ‘David’ after he was gelded in order to heal the wound as quickly as possible and to ward off any possible infection. Mickie made up a special herbal spray for the operational wound and also an oral mix to help boost the immune system. Consequently, David’s cut, which was larger than average, healed in record time and he was galloping around his paddock less than 24 hours after the operation. David suffered no infection and did not have to bear the consequences of antibiotic ‘side-effects’.

I totally recommend Mickie for anything ‘equine’… I have called upon her services for many ailments and illnesses pertained to my own four horses and also the many horses I am responsible for on agistment.

Why use medicines and drugs that promise negative side effects when you can use ‘nature’ prescribed by the very knowledgeable and qualified ‘Mickie Magan’…

Ten out of ten from me! 

Noni Boon
Manager and Owner - Yarraman Ridge Horse Agistment Facility


A massive Thank you to Mickie Magan equine herbalist for her amazing products/medication. Johnny is a completely different horse in just over a month. I was absolutely struggling with Johnnys weight and didn’t know what to do anymore. 

After talking to Mickie for an hr over the phone about Johnny we ruled out what the issue was. She sent me all the products he needed straight away to get him started ASAP. Not only has he put on a lot of weight. He is a completely different horse. So cheeky now and is now a lot less stressed. 
The first two photos are just over a week apart and the last photo is just a few days ago. 
I recommend Mickie highly to anyone. Absolutely anything your finding an issue, give her a call! 
Please Share!!

Julie Thompson


My FEI eventer was suffering with terrible allergies to dust following the Nsw drought, to the point that he needed daily antihistamine and/or steroids medication to not only be worked but be comfortable even in the paddock. Of course these medications are not FEI legal so I was unable to compete during dry spells. I had Mickie out and she made up an FEI legal herbal concoction for him. Since starting him on it he has not been showing symptoms of allergies and is altogether happier in himself, even during a heatwave he has been breathing perfectly. Thanks so much Mickie! I only wish I had called you sooner.!

Bec Swinton

FEI Eventer


I would just like to say a massive thank you to Mickie for her support, advice and love when it has come to her specialised formula for helping Val regulate her hormones I had such issues using Ready Serve and I really didn’t like it and a couple of months of Mickie expertise and she is a changed mare. Thank you wonderful lady xxx

Brie Peters 



All of my horses have been on Equiherbal for the last few years.

They look absolutely amazing!  Mickie has also been very helpful with her knowledge when I had a certain problrm that required a more specific herbal blend.

I definitely reccomend her products and services.

Molly G



So grateful I came across Mickie!

She has helped my boy Yogi so much. I would recommend her to anybody. Im so pleased with the results I got, and my boy is much happier too.

Sabine M.


After starting treatment with Mickie, it's like I have a different horse!

Happier and healthier. The difference her servces have made to Billie's wellbeing is astounding!


A. Hopkins 


I'm positively thrilled with the results in such a small amount of time.

Lib G.



Thank you Mickie for all your amazing products and incredible service.             I love that the ingredients in your products are all natural.

Michelle S.


Thank you for the U-Bute paste.

This weekend I had to use it when my mare developed a hoof abcess.

Liz J.


Mickie's products and service is amazing. She helped my herd with some herbal remedies and we are regular users of Equiherbal supplement. The herd also really love it!

Peter P



I love the Bite Me Spray, it really works!.

I love the Salve-Ation too!

He recently got a small surface cut on top of his hoof from a stick in the paddock; and within 24 hours, it was already healing over!

Kimberley F


Mickie, to say Im over the moon would be an understatement! 

( Client horse with incredible results on a horse with Cushing's).

Wendy M



A friend of mine gave me your Salve-Ation after my boy put a fist sized hole above his hock. The salve is doing great work on healing and I couldnt be happier.

I also got some U-Bute to try after 3 doses, he was trotting around the paddock. Thank you for creating a bute alternative that provides such fantastic pain and inflammation relief. 

Christie G.