U - Bute

A herbal alternative to Bute that actually works!
An anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. 
Anti-inflammatory and analgesics to help reduce inflammation as well as pain.
Some of these herbs also contribute to the nervous system to assist in calming the horse who is in pain and having muscles spasms or anxiety related to pain.
Keep some in the tack room BEFORE you need it!
Can be used long term with no concerns of ulcers or induced colic.
Not for use with pregnant or lactating mares.
Jamaican Dogwood: - Acts as an anti-spasmodic, helps to relieve muscle spasms caused by injury or inflammation. Also has analgesic/pain relieving qualities.
Passion Flower: - Anxiolytic, reduces excitability and anxiety and also acts as an antispasmodic.
Guiacum: Anti-inflammatory. Used when there is a lot of inflammation and associated pain. Assists in pain induced anxiety.
Turmeric: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet which is effective in arterial coagulation.
Magnolia Bark: Inhibits and lowers pro-inflammatory cytokines which contribute to swelling at an injury site.
Celery: Anti-inflammatory, depurative, detoxifying and purifying effects.
Scullcap: Spasmolytic, assists in soothing nerve pain and anxiety associated with pain.

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