For the first time, we are finally able to put this on our website!

This product sells out amongst my clients and it was hard to keep in stock.


Equisoothe is made from Kaolin Clay and enhanced with essential oils that work to stimulate peripheral blood flow tp the injury site. 

Coupled with Anti-inflammatory oils this is the perfefct prouct to help soothe sore and cool sore muscles.

Many of my clients use it after a jumping or galloping session.

The great thing about this clay is it shows where the inflamed areas are and those that contan heat.

Easy to use:

Smear on the suspected area.

Allow to dry 20-30- minutes.

If there is an area that is taking longer to dry, or wont dry, this is the area with heat and inflammation. See photo.


  • Spanish Rosemary Essential OIl - Circulatory Stimulant
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil - assists in reduction of swelling, bruising or inflammation
  • Copaiba Essential OIl - Helps to reduce inflammation and ease pain
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - Stimulates peripheral blood flow


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