EMT - Equine Myofunctional Therapy

EMT is a safe, effective hands on massage technique. 

I also use Masterton Method and Accupressure points.

Bodywork on your horse has enormous benefts, firing up the central nervous system, incresed blood flow to the muscles. 

Specific motions, pressures and releases can assist your horse moving more freely. 

Help your horsse's range of motion and use his body as needed for your particular discipline. 

Bodywork treatments can help with many physical ossues. 

My approach is slow, steady and allow the horse to rediscover his own abiilities. 

Rehabilitation and body awareness to help your horse be able to use his hind end or  front end.

Specific exercises you can do to keep your horse supple between visits.

Use of  moxabustion and crytsal therapy, incorprated to pinpoint your horse's issues.


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