The Story Of Diesel

July 17, 2021


August 02, 2018

Diesel's family had been told by 2 separate vets to put him to sleep. 

Lucky for me and Diesel that they didnt follow that advice. 

Diesel had recurring bouts of impaction colic and peritonitis. 

Diesel's owner Kate S had been referred to me, and as often happens, I was their last hope. 

I went to see Diesel in the Southern Highlands, and he was in a very bad way. 

He had the lowest life force of any horse I had ever seen. His coat was dull, dry and so were his eyes.

His owner was terrified to feed him anything of substance in case he colicked agian.

After a thorough physical examination and gathering all of his medical history,   i decided to put him on a detoxification. 

The mix was made from human grade medical herbal extracts chosen specifically for his illness.

I suspected he had been poisoned with some mouldy hay that had been removed from his paddock; unfortunately after he got sick. I gave Kate some feeding advice and said I would send his medicine the next day. I actually said to my husband, that I thought Diesel may be dead before we got home !

I made a prescription medicine for him and after a few days, he seemed to be a bit brighter. We treated him for a full blood cylce (apprx 12 weeks) and he got better and better. 

Every month Kate S and I would chat and I would alter his herbal prescription based on what was happeneng in his body.

3 months later, Kate S and I gave him a soaked biscuit of hay. We both cried  tears of joy that day. 

After 5 months, I was priveleged to ride Diesel. The family were sure, he would never be ridden again. 

Diesel continues to get better and better. He is a happy, healthy, horse, iinterested in his surrounding and loves a cuddle.