The Reason Colic RX Exists - The Story of Dennis

July 17, 2021

The reason Colic R-X exists and the story of Dennis.

August 19, 2020

Recently, a client's horse went down with colic. It was a sudden and acute case of colic that struck about 3pm.  

When my client rang, she said she could not get the horse up. It’s your worst nightmare, right? I arrived to find him flat out on the ground, groaning in pain and discomfort. 

We managed to get him standing and I immediately gave him 20 mls of the Colic R-X: Emergency Colic mix that I had prepared. From here, I knew I needed to get him gently moving to avoid any further complications. We took turns gently walking him for 20 mins, then administered another 20 mls of the mix, before continuing to walk him to help move gas and stimulate the gut. 

After the first 20 mins walking, we incorporated the use of a towel folded lengthwise, as a sling under the belly with a person either side of him. 

Each person would put tension on the towel and pull their end up for 3 seconds.  Then release and move a few centimetres along and repeat the process. This method helps to massage the stomach and encourage the gut and gas to move. A little like giving yourself a tummy rub when you feel bloated or unwell.   

The horse began to lick, chew and pass wind. Flatulence is truly the best sound when you have a horse displaying colic! It shows that you have been successful in getting the gas to move and relieve discomfort. 

It was then time for another 20 mls of Colic R-X, a repeat of the towel exercise and some extra walking.  

In the space of 2 hours, Dennis, went from being extremely unwell to standing, walking and nibbling at his dinner. A resounding success, a happy horse and a happy owner plus high fives and a few tears!

On the following morning follow up it was confirmed he was fully recovered and enjoying a post breakfast run around, as if nothing had happened.

After sharing this story and others with some of my clients all of them requested a bottle of colic mix for their first aid kit. It was then I realised that ALL horses and owners deserved to have this emergency mix in their fridge and so Colic R-X: Emergency Colic Mix was born!  

Colic R-X is suitable at the first sign of colic or discomfort. It works to sooth and stimulate the gut whilst settling the nervous system of the horse. It’s the perfect product to have on hand whether you are traveling, at a show, remote from a vet or simply want to be able to have the option to bring your horse comfort when they need it.  

All my products including Colic RX: Emergency Colic Mix are made using human grade medicinal herbal extracts in Australia, under a strict quality assurance programme and they are tested at Southern Cross University which has one of the largest phytochemical testing facilities in Australia.