The Power of Herbs For Colic

July 17, 2021


The Power of Herbs for Colic

August 05, 2020

Every horse owner has been there… You walk towards your horse and your

stomach turns as you just KNOW something isn’t right.

Maybe he just seems “off”. Or maybe he’s lying flat out in the sun. Worst still, you see him pawing the ground, looking at his tummy and rolling.

It’s colic.


The single term that strikes fear in every horse owner's soul!

Colic really is a term for symptoms, not a diagnosis as such. It can include

general discomfort, strange movement or behaviour, pawing of the ground,

aggravated rolling, elevated vitals, lowered vitals… the list goes on.


It can also have a slow or rapid onset.

It can be one of the scariest moments of any horse owsers journey.

So, the question is? What should one actually DO in the event of Colic?

As a herbalist I am ALL FOR vet intervention.

Confused? You’re right to be as it sounds counterintuitive!


When colic has progressed to a point where the horse is truly stressed and is in clear pain it’s important to get a vet involved and ensure that there is nothing life hreatening occurring.


However, sometimes you may not have quick access to a vet. Or the colic

symptoms may be on the lower end of the spectrum. Or you may know the

horse and you are confident that it is spasmodic or related to stomach issues such as ulcers.


Here is where Herbal Medicine can make a truly life changing difference and

why I always have an Emergency Colic Mix in the fridge on the off chance I need it.

My Emergency Colic Mix has a unique and tested mixture of human grade

ingredients, such as; Chamomile for anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and anti-allergy actions as well as being part of a gut ulceration mix.

So, it is a necessary herb in the case of spasmodic colic, as it assists in regulating peristasis, which is the wave-like action that moves food and faecal matter throughout the gastrointestinal system. Valerian for its effects as muscle relaxant and antispasmodic. Valerian also has a laxative effect, which it required during bouts of spasmodic or impaction colic.

Coupled with its mild sedation and anodyne  (pain relief) effect, it also works as an excellent pain management.

Additionally, Aloe Vera Gel is exceptionally effective treatment for gut ulceration and soothing effect on the stomach.

Aloe Vera also helps stimulate peristalsis, the involuntary constriction and relaxation of the muscles of the intestine and the lower bowel.


This is imperative in the treatment of impaction colic.

As a human grade  liquid extract mixture  the Emergency Colic Mix is fast acting and easy to administer.

 t’s something that every owner should have on hand, “just in case”. It’s for this reason, I have decided to make it  available to all horse owners.

Every horse and horse owner deserves the opportunity to have a quick and stress free and effective relief option, as well as the peace of mind knowing that it can help to relieve colic symptoms at their first sign.


Make sure you pop back here next week, where I’ll share with you the story of Dennis and our personal colic experience.